The Hollywood Theatre opened as a silent movie palace on December 20, 1913, filling its 750 seats with patrons paying 10 cents to see a film. In 1938, the building was redesigned with an art deco façade and one of the country's first neon marquees that used side panels to catch the eyes of passing motorists. After its last update in 1977, Mann used the movie house to play second runs of blockbusters like Star Wars and Blade Runner. But, by the late 1980s, the historic theater stood in tattered condition across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum. Unwilling to see the demise of the second movie theater ever built in Hollywood, Hollywood Wax Museum partner Raubi Sundher modeled it to create the Guinness World Records Museum and retained the original marquee. The building is now a National Register Landmark.

It's only fitting that World Records are broken and adjudicated right here at the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum. Just a few that are now in the record books include the Largest California Roll, the Longest Chair Balance on the Edge of a Building, and the Longest Bicycle Wheelie Journey.