hollywood wax 

Come Play with the Stars! Take selfies with your favorite stars recreated so faithfully, you'd swear they were alive. You'll rub elbows with classic & current Hollywood luminaries while learning about their pets, pet peeves, charity work & accomplishments. Fun for all ages!


Ripley's Believe It Or Not! 

You won't believe your eyes! But you'll want to keep them open wide to experience hundreds of oddities of quirk and nature from around the world. Get a gander at strange but true people, weird happenings, and the most interesting and bizarre facts on earth.


Guinness World Records Museum 

Ever seen someone dive 28 feet into 12 inches of water... or the toppling of 2.3 million dominoes? From the great to the gross, don't miss your chance to see world records come to life in a fun, up-close look at record-breaking pop culture, history, and science!


FREE BONUS Walk of Fame Guide 

Yours FREE! The only licensed guide to the Walk of Fame currently available on Hollywood Blvd. Contains a complete alphabetical listing of all 2,421 Walk of Fame honorees with the street addresses to find their stars. The 28-page collector booklet also includes a Hollywood map; Walk of Fame Famous Firsts; and, a tribute to Johnny Grant, the late Honorary Mayor of Hollywood.




Regular $25.99
Children (4-11) $15.99
Children under 4 Free
Regular $29.99
Children (4-11) $19.99
Children under 4 Free
SPECIAL pricing for Groups of 20 or More and Non-Profits